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Company Profile
Albadr Marble Stone Co., is one of the Egyptian companies specialized in producing & exporting Egyptian marble, natural stones , Specially Galala marble stone.

Albadr Marble Stone Co., established in 1975. we are leading in field of marble production , we have now six quarries of marble , Two big quarries in Galala marble , Two for Sunny and Selvia marble , one for khatmia , and one for Terista marble ., So We produce & export all kinds of Egyptian beige marble with high quality & high production qualifications in different forms either raw blocks, slabs or tiles polished or unpolished with different sizes and thickness using the latest technology and the most advanced equipments.

We have got in 2005 the certificate of (CE) of Quality from European Union and our marble product become international product after a lot of tests of quality.
Now we become equalizing European Standards in the manufacturing accuracy and in quality of the material .

Albadr Marble Stone Co. guarantee the best quality with the competitive prices in Egypt We also guarantee delivering the requested order on time and with the needed quality .

Our competitive price depends upon the requested order showing marble kind Quantity and degree of quality control. After the manufacturing process and before the shipment, all our products are subjected to a strict quality control .

Thanks for all our customers who have trusted us in the previous years , we promise them with the best material of stones and all Mining field . we welcome any new customer from any country in the world .

Don't hesitate to contact us in any time all the day . we 're ready for all your questions .